New point-of-sale materials now available

Finally,  a new look for Plant Select® at nurseries and garden centers! Members of the Marketing Committee worked very hard to come up with a banner to be used to identify and promote the great plants that are promoted through this unique program.

The new banner (left)  is 24″ tall and 12″ wide, printed on one or both sides, and made of durable plastic with UV protection to stay bright and beautiful for years.

Shoppers will see that Plant Select® plants are “The Best Plants for Western Gardens” and that they’re “Durable”, “Resilient” and “Unique” and will immediately want these great plants for their own landscapes and gardens (or at least, they should!).

Two-sided banners are $20 for members (first one is free), $40 for nonmembers.

 Stickers (see right) are also now available – use these on signs, pots, promotions, even your employee’s name badges! Stickers say, “Plant Select® Winner” and come 20/sheet, members receive 5 sheets free.

Plant Select® member nurseries and garden centers are listed on our website,click here.

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