2011 Photo Contest Winners

Thirty two entries were received in our first-ever photo contest for Plant Select®. Images had to include at least one plant promoted through Plant Select® and be at least 1mb in size. Images were then judged on overall quality, including focus and composition. A group of professional photographers and Plant Select® members voted for their top picks, and the winning images have been announced!

Individual Plants

Winning image taken by Lisa Brown at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Hopflower oregano

Great Groupings

Winning image taken by Kim Bone, in Arvada, CO.

Echium, Stanleya and Artemisia

In the Landscape

Winning image taken by Brooke Hansen, Logan UT.

Little Trudy catmint, home landscape in Logan UT

Each winner will receive a $50 gift certificate at their local garden center or nursery. Thanks to all who entered!

For more information about Plant Select®, please visit our website.

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