Ah, summer garden warmth!

royal torchlily by Michael BoneLast night around 10:00, the outside temperatures hit  7 degrees F below zero – our first subzero reading of the winter. And today,  the desk in my office seems to benefit from a natural ventilation pattern that has settled around my keyboard. I suppose it doesn’t help that the office is inside a 60-year old, barely insulated, metal Quonset with single-pane windows, but when you work for a non-profit, free rent is priceless. Unfortunately, there is a price today – freezing fingers.

So when I inadvertently spied this image of a species of  torchlily (Kniphofia triangularis)  by Michael Bone in my photo files, I had to share it with all you other other gardeners suffering through this frigid day. Isn’t it heartwarming?

In 2010, we selected a related plant, Kniphofia caulescens, as a Plant Select® winner. Read more about it here.

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1 Response to Ah, summer garden warmth!

  1. Anita Hill says:

    Sure is! Stay warm, Pat!

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