Southward bound

SE CO Water Conservancy District Xeriscape Demo GardenDriving 1200 miles in 3 days visiting gardens and nurseries can be an exhausting, but extremely exciting time. Last week I headed through Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Albuquerque and Santa Fe to visit growers and gardens and came away with a new sense of appreciation for hot, dry gardens. 

The Xeriscape Garden at the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District (see the Demonstration Gardens page on our website for more details or click here) are quite a bit out of the way, but wow! they’re trying new things under extreme conditions, and most of the plants are well labeled.  The gardens are east of Pueblo just off of Highway 50, near the airport. We arrived after the offices had closed, but the gardens are open to the public during all daylight hours, and we enjoyed strolling around, finding new plants to try in our own gardens.Xeriscape Garden map

 They had just received a load of trial plants (agaves, hesperaloes, yuccas, etc) from Mountain States Wholesale Nursery in Arizona, so I can’t wait to hear how these plants perform in the coming years.Trial plants from Mountain States Wholesale Nursery

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1 Response to Southward bound

  1. Sweet! nice looking plants in that pic.
    All the folks in Pueblo are great.
    can’t wait to go visit ourselves!

    Spread the love of plants.

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