The Gardens at Kendrick Lake are now truly award-winning!

award kendrick (1)Only one garden in the world has ever won the Plant Select® Garden Partner Award, and this must-see garden is just east of Kendrick Lake on Jewell Avenue in Lakewood, CO .  I’ve written about these gardens before, but at our annual meeting for Plant Select® demonstration gardens on June 17, these gardens were officially recognized with this new award.

Affectionately (and unofficially) referred to as the “Golden Shovel Award,” this award acknowledges the hard work, dedication, passion and talent that transforms ordinary spaces into great public gardens. The award recognizes the “Excellence in Design, Vision, and Educational Outreach” that Greg Foreman and staff have realized over the years.The Gardens at Kendrick Lake

The gardens are filled with hundreds of beautfiul plants combined in artistic and stunning ways. Most of the plants thrive in lower-water conditions, and nearly all are labeled at least once, a great bonus if you’re looking for new ideas for your own gardens. A brochure rack sits at the entrance of the gardens so that visitors can learn more about local and regional gardening, as well.

An annual plant sale is also held each May, often filled with starts of many of the gems found in these gardens.

Garden Partner Award, Gardens at Kendlrick LakeCongratulations to the entire staff for creating and maintaining such inspiring gardens. Click here to see more pictures from Panayoti Kelaidis’ webshots album of the Gardens at Kendrick Lake.

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