Christmas in July

Acer GarAnn PGH (8)“What kind of trees are those, blooming in the middle of summer?” my neighbor asked the other day after taking her kids to the North Aztlan Community Center in Fort Collins.

They’re not actually blooming, I told here, but wow! what a sight to see this exciting new tree in its full glory. HOT WINGS® maple is a selection of Tatarian maple, grown for its colorful seeds, or “samaras” produced in late June/early July. It was discovered as a chance-seedling growing in the production fields of Fort Collins wholesale Nursery (Colorado) in the early 1990’s. For six weeks every summer the seedling stood out from all the other Tatarian maples due to its breathaking display of scarlet red samaras contrasting with the rich green foliage, giving it a “Christmas in July” appearnace.

Acer GarAnn PGH (7)

If you’re looking for a small ornamental tree that’s cold hardy and adaptable to a variety of soil and water conditions, this may be just the tree you’re looking for. And it seems to “bloom” in the middle of summer, too!

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