Care and feeding of St. Theresa Grape


Someone wrote us recently to find out how to care for his St. Theresa Seedless Grape. Seems all the moisture we’ve been receiving in Colorado was leading to very vigorous growth.  I decided to go to the expert, Scott Skogerboe, propagator at Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery, and small-fruit-connoisseur.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Sounds like he’s doing a good job on his own with getting six feet of growth in year one.  I’d suggest he leave every leaf alone and continue cutting out the fruit clusters until they are to the size he wants.  Give them plenty of water, but once a week deeply is enough. Remind him roots need air as much as they do water. Water-logged soil can cause decrease in plant health, even death. Fertilizer is great until the middle of August but then stop so as to allow the grape plant enough time to prepare itself for winter.  Pruning off lateral branches encourages terminal growth if he wants a tall vine, but lateral branches have lots off leaves which produce carbohydrates through the process of photosythesis, so he has to make a personal judgement.  Also impress on him the importance of winter watering on warmer days during times of little to no snow cover.”

 Good luck!

Scott Skogerboe

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