Plant-Driven Design – the science, art, and philosophy of gardening

plantdrivendesign1Lauren Springer Ogden and Scott Ogden have just published an incredibly  thought-provoking, beautiful, and useful gardening book that every gardener, landscape architect, landscape designer, plant geek and backyard nature-lover should spend some time with. Plant-Driven Design: Creating Gardens that Honor Plants, Place and Spirit (Timber Press) is now available in stores and online and may easily become your most time-worn gardening reference for years to come.

Gardening books tend to be easily classified – detailed reference books, encyclopedic treatises on individual plants, design how-to, or regionally-specific. Plant Driven Design transcends time, geographic boundaries and spirit. It is a book that evokes thoughtful consideration and compassion for our own backyards and a greater connection with the world at the same time.

Readers will not want to sit and read this all at one time – it’s a book to return to again and again. The abundance of beautiful photographs and detailed, honest prose provide repose for stressed minds, offer inspiration for new garden concepts, encourage exploration of the natural world, and grant freedom to experience plants as the basis for all garden processes.

On the other hand, Plant Driven Design offers some of the most diverse and creative plant lists ever incorporated into a single gardening book, with hundreds of suggestions of a vast array of species and cultivars for a myriad of sites and conditions. I was especially intrigued with lists of Junipers to Love, Bulbs for Steppe Plantings, Designing with Light, and Matching Climates and Plants.

Gardeners of all flavors will appreciate the depth and breadth that these intelligent and creative gardeners bring forth – science, art, philosophy, travel, romance and nature woven purposefully throughout the pages. This is a book that will change the way you experience gardens forever.

My favorite quote:

In the chapter, Putting Plants First: “The earthly Edens we create are indeed poetic realms in which we are able to forget our modern-day divorce from the natural world. This renewal of our relationship with nature is the very essence of garden experience.”

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1 Response to Plant-Driven Design – the science, art, and philosophy of gardening

  1. Mike Woods says:

    Hi Pat,
    What a good blog. I stumbled onto it tonight. I will check it out over the coming months. Having moved to Berthoud we are always checking out the Water Conservation gardens. Lots of fun and well done.
    As for the Plant Select plants we haven’t tried many of them in our landscapes as we find most people unfortunately are big on overwatering. I will be playing with them in the gardens we have at the new house.
    Take care,
    Mike Woods

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