Fall birding at PERC

I wanted to share this posting from Dave Leatherman, retired forest entomologist with the Colorado State Forest Service. He posted it Sunday, November 2 on Cobirds, a Colorado birding listserv.


sorbus-auc-cardinal-royal-11At Colorado State University’s Plant Environmental Research Center (PERC*) in the southwestern corner of the main campus in Fort Collins (Larimer), I found the following this morning:


Yellow-rumped Warbler (at least 3)

American Robin (100+, eating hackberry “berries”)

Song Sparrow (1, I think eating chokeberries (Aronia prunifolia)

Cedar Waxwing (10+, mostly interested in Mt-ash (Sorbus sp.) fruits)

Gray Catbird (heard on three occasions, would be a nice bird for the CBC)

Bushtit (3, over in the northwest corner of the area near the maple plantings)

Dark-eyed Junco (6-8, mostly Slate-colored, one White-winged, consistently under the Cranberry Viburnum bushes)

Cackling Goose (1 in a flock of Canadas flying over)

Total of 20 spp.



Wentworth American cranberry bush berriesLots of wonderful woody plant leaves and fruit (with ID labels usually on a branch on the north side of the plants!) to study and photograph.  If you are landscaping your yard for wildlife, this is a good place to check out at this time of year.


Dave Leatherman

Fort Collins


* PERC is located at 630 West Lake Street, north of Prospect and east of Shields in Fort Collins, CO.

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