Late summer splendor in Jefferson County

Cooler temperatures and some well-timed rains have created a late summer paradise for many gardeners. There’s still time to move, add, change, delete plants from your  gardens, or, if you’re tired of gardening, liberate yourself and get out and see what’s happening at some of our incredible public gardens around the region.        

     Last week I went to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds a few days before the national candidates hit town and toured the Plant Select® demonstration garden just outside the CSU Extension offices. It’s a very exposed area consisting with beautifully maintained and artisticially designed planting areas.

     Agastaches, salvias and Bridges’ penstemon (below) are luminous with rich shades of purple, magenta, orange-reds, and apricot. The hummingbirds are fattening up on this glorious banquet of low-maintenance, drought tolerant, nectar-rich native plants.

     Best of all, all the plants in these gardens are clearly labeled, and if the offices are open, feel free to walk in and pick up some brochures about the programs they offer.  The official address is 15200 W. 6th Ave., Unit C, Golden, CO 80401; phone: (303) 271-6629.

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