Shocking Salvias!

Yesterday I visited 9 of our demonstration gardens in the Denver Metro area and WOW! the plants were lucious, the colors were stunning, and what a variety of settings and garden styles I enjoyed at these gardens. What shocked me the most, however, was one particular plant – Salvia darcyi ‘Pscarl’, VERMILION BLUFFS®  Sage.

It was in its full glory everywhere I went – at the Jefferson County Extension office at the Fairgrounds, wow! whole rows in vivid scarlet from plants put in just this year! Over in a corner, another plant had overwintered and was a small bush, fat and happy in this exposed location.

    I’m now convinced that this spectacular Mexican salvia has great value for our landscapes – periodically blooming all summer during hummingbird season, then putting on the full show at the end of summer, just when those little birds need all the calories they can gather for the trip back south. Many of our hummingbird species spend their winters in Mexico (lucky little hummers!) so this plant may make them feel right at home while summering in the area (if you’ll indulge a little anthropomorphism).

    VERMILION BLUFFS®  Sage was introduced by Plant Select® in 2007. See our website for more information about this and the five other salvias that are part of the program.

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