Beautiful Public Gardens – Kendrick Lake

The face of public gardening is changing thanks to the artistry of Greg Foreman and his staff with the City of Lakewood. DO NOT MISS the opportunity to see truly beautiful and appropriately western gardening at its finest at Kendrick Lake Gardens in the 9300 block of West Jewell. These pictures were taken on June 18, 2008. What a stunning combination of sages, penstemons and salvias.

Mid June at Kendrick Lake Gardens

Next – perfect placement of Callirhoe involucrata (winecups) – anchoring a bed with plenty of room to grow.

The perfect placement for Calirrhoe - as the anchor of a bed, and with plenty of room to spread.

Salvia agentea, Silver Sage, isn’t just beautiful for its foliage – look at these glowing white candelabras!

Great photo ops – David Winger was trying to capture PLATINUM® sage (Salvia daghestanica) in its full glory. 

 Lastly – one of my all time favorites for dry sun or shade, SUNSET® foxglove, caught in the perfect evening light.

SUNSET foxglove

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